Farming in America

Teresa Scanlan says for her, rural America still reigns

Teresa Scanlan is still standing up for U.S. agriculture even after her reign as Miss America has ended.

At the 2012 Commodity Classic, held last week in Nashville, Tennessee, the Nebraska-born 19 year old addressed hundreds of the nation's sorghum growers, saying she recognizes there is still a lot more to be done in protecting America's farmers and ranchers, and she doesn't plan to quit anytime soon.

Scanlan went on to say that while these numbers seem scary to those in agriculture, the average person is three generations removed from the farm, and doesn't understand the dire situation that we're facing.

With 7 billion mouths to feed, and a thin green line of only 210,000 working U.S. farmers shouldering the production, she encouraged everyone in the audience to stand proud and strong for U.S. agriculture.

Listen to Teresa's entire speech here, courtesy of All Ag All Day.

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